I recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. I will be starting at Facebook as a software developer in August. Previously, I interned at VMware, where I worked on optimizing the checkpointing of virtual device drivers for symmetric multiprocessor systems and at Are You A Human, where I improved their CAPTCHA system’s bot detection accuracy by first developing bots to beat it and then training the algorithm on a decision tree classifier. I also worked with Professor Robert Dick on large-scale mobile ad hoc networks for censorship resistant communication and with Professor J. Alex Halderman on ZMap, an open source network scanner that can scan the entire IPv4 address space in under 5 minutes.

I have a huge number of projects on my Github covering a wide variety of languages, platforms, and technologies. I’ve been programming since I was 11 years old, and I’ve worked on web development, operating systems, compilers, video games, AI and machine learning, algorithms, Android applications, security exploits, and a large number of other projects since then, the majority of which were done outside of school in my free time. While you can find the most of my portfolio on Github (other than a large number of projects from my high school years when Github didn’t exist), I will try to highlight some of the main ones in the Projects section.

My current interests include programming languages theory and computer security. I am interested in languages like Haskell, Idris, Agda, and many other functional languages, as well as new and upcoming imperative languages like Rust. As for security, I enjoy white hat hacking, reverse engineering protocols and binaries, breaking crypto systems, finding vulnerabilities in websites, and exploiting binaries. I actively participate in CTFs (security competitions) and am interested in working full time as a penetration tester in the future.