Hi, my name is Gulshan Singh, and I’m an undergrad at the University of Michigan studying computer science.

I love to code and I love opensource. I’ve been coding since the 6th grade, and other than a few of my other hobbies, it’s all I do. My first program was Pong, which I made using a program called GameMaker. After making some more platform and RPG games, I began to learn other languages like C++, Java, Python, HTML, JavaScript, and many others. I have no attachment to any particular language, and just code in whatever language helps me make cool hacks. These hacks range from chrome extensions, to android apps, to security exploits, to compilers, to operating systems. I’m currently also trying to get into some major opensource projects like the Android Open Source Project and the Linux kernel.

While most of my older code is gone, you can find my more recent code (high school until now) in the projects section and check out my github page (links at the top). Check out my blog for other great articles!